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Early in 2009, the team took the decision to develop what is believed to be the world's first bespoke F3 simulator.

Working closely with MAK-Corp, over a twelve month period, and with significant investment the project developed successfully and the simulator is now in constant demand by leading F3 drivers from all teams.

Of course, our own Team West-Tec drivers have priority and also enjoy features not open to others, and we have also established a programme to allow us to work with young drivers from the junior series, like Formula Ford, Formula Renault and Intersteps, to help develop them for the future and ensure that they are ready to seize their opportunity when they eventually get behind the wheel of a Formula 3 car.

Based on F1 simulator technology

Accurate car models based on:
Chassis: Dallara F309, F308, F307 & F306
Engine: British International Series Class 'A' & 'B' Engines, European F3 Open Engine
Tyres: Cooper and Dunlop models
Brakes: British Specification & European F3 Open Specification

Working dash display with shift light with progressively weighted steering

Properly engineered test sessions with car set-up changes as per real time cars on track

Sequentional mechnical gear change, with British F3 style gear cut along with the option of padal shifting & 'H' pattern

Data downloads and analysis

Hydraulic controls with actually modelled brake pressures allowing over 100bar

Wide selection of tracks worldwide accurately modelled

Tyre degradation and fuel correction

6 Point Harness and seat fitting